Do you offer custom orders?

  • For orders of at least 100 capsules; we offer custom DNP amounts. You can change the amount of DNP in each capsule to 50, 100, etc. in each capsule. We offer discounts for large orders. Send us a message on our Contact Us Page.

How long does shipping take?

  • We ship out orders Monday-Friday. Once the package is in the mail, shipping takes 1-3 days, sometimes longer. Expect longer shipping times for international orders; we are US based.

What if my package doesn't arrive, or is damaged? 

  • We double check our capsules for quality. In the event your package gets lost in the mail or arrives damaged, we can reship. 

How do you ship?

  • We ship using discrete shipping. We do this to make sure your package arrives. Customs may confuse your package with illicit compounds. In this case, we will reship.

Is DNP edible?

  • It is illegal to sell DNP for human consumption. We only sell DNP for the manufacturing of dyes, preservatives, pesticides, and fertilizers. We do not recommend you ingest DNP. Lightning DNP is not for human consumption.

Why is your DNP sold in capsules?

  • Well sell our DNP in capsule form for premeasurement and transportation purposes. Empty one capsule in water, then spray on plants.

How do I use DNP?

  • DNP can be used for many purposes: for dyes, as a preservative, and as a pesticide. For pesticide use, empty one capsule in water, mix, then spray on plants.

I Want to Return my Item. What's Next?

  • Contact us here. We will guide you through the process.

Still have questions? Visit out Contact Us Page.